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Our passion is media. 我们的承诺是对菠菜台子大全需求的空前关注. 从国际到国家再到地方, small, mid or large, 每个菠菜台子大全菠菜台子大全都享有对细节的同等程度的承诺. 有了这些特质,我们就有了一批满意的菠菜台子大全.

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十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2011

菠菜台子大全创新的媒体解决方案,帮助转变了一个强大的, but under-appreciated, 资产管理公司成为知名和高度可信的类别领导者. Over 十大菠菜台子 Media’s tenure, 景顺从品牌认知度的显著提高中获益, consideration and preference while helping advisors separate knowledge from the inescapable financial noise.



十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2008

Lurie Children’s, formerly Children’s Memorial, 在芝加哥地区提供全国知名的儿科护理已经超过100年了. Lurie’s approach has always been to put the kids and their families at the center of everything they do, 同时信守承诺,提供最新的医疗技术创新, 研究和家庭友好的设计. Lurie 's是一个非营利性组织,营销预算相对较少, but it’s essential that parents and caretakers throughout Chicagoland are made and kept aware of the hospital’s world-class pediatric services and treatments. The 十大菠菜台子 Media team takes great pride in stretching Lurie’s marketing spend each and every year to appear to be much larger than it really is through a powerful strategic approach, artful negotiations, and especially strong and deep relationships with the Chicagoland advertising community which completely embraces 十大菠菜台子’s IT’S FOR THE KIDS mantra.



十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2021

2021年,十大菠菜台子与PERC(丙烷教育)合作 & Research Council), 提供丙烷安全和培训项目的非营利性组织, 并投资于新的和创新的丙烷动力技术的研究和开发.

作为媒体的记录机构, 十大菠菜台子 is helping PERC promote its various B2C and B2B marketing efforts to a variety of potential propane users including homeowners interested in building, renovating or replacing appliances; commercial and residential construction, 农业和运输行业的决策者.

Duke's Mayonnaise


十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2005

Eugenio Duke开始在格林维尔卖她味道浓烈美味的自制蛋黄酱, South Carolina in 1917. 100多年后的今天,杜克大学不仅仍然是一个有活力的、不断增长的品牌, 它被许多死忠粉和厨师认为是当今市场上最好的蛋黄酱. And Duke’s, with the help of 十大菠菜台子 Media, has been working hard to “spread” its twangy goodness well beyond its core southern market roots so it can be enjoyed by mayonnaise lovers everywhere. In 2020, the 十大菠菜台子 team recommended that Duke’s fully leverage its fans’ unprecedented passion for college football and tailgating with delicious southern foods by entitling a College Bowl game, as a result, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl was born. Now, people all over the country and beyond are being introduced to the 100+ year old delicious “secret” of Duke’s Mayonnaise.

Northern Trust


十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2003

如何传达一个大型全球性金融机构提供的个人接触? It requires intimate knowledge of the financial landscape and its intricate terminology as well as developing relationships with the financial media community. 以不断提高品牌知名度为目标,提供各种服务, 北方信托媒体团队独立开发, 与最富有的美国人联系在一起的富有洞察力的计划, financial advisors, international asset managers and international custodians for defined benefits/defined contributions through a combination of pinpointed print, selective TV, B2B和B2C数字显示和视频, custom content, webinars, paid social and private events. Annual third party studies have demonstrated a steady rise in awareness of Northern Trust and its services among the complete spectrum of their target audiences.

The Spice Hunter

The Spice of Life

十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2005

Lucia Cleveland started The Spice Hunter in a spare bedroom in her home on the Central Coast of California in 1980. 她最初对香料产生兴趣是为了增加淡而无味的通心粉的味道 & cheese diet she endured on backpacking trips—she set up a table in her spare bedroom to start experimenting. Three years into the venture, 克利夫兰决定辞去她的日常工作,以明确致力于发展的香料猎人. By 1999, the brand, 在圣路易斯奥比斯波有生产设施, 年销售额已经增长到2000万美元,并在15年,000 stores including 2,并被C.F. 弗吉尼亚州里士满的绍尔公司. In 2005, 十大菠菜台子 Media became The Spice Hunter’s media agency of record and has been helping spread the word of this line of the highest quality and unique seasonings and spices ever since.

Rush Health Systems


十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2018

When Rush, 一个以芝加哥为基地的卫生系统,由几家世界级的医院和治疗中心组成, decided it was time to relaunch their brand message to get Chicagoans more aware of its nationally ranked and recognized specialties and overall award-winning patient care, 他们求助于十大菠菜台子 Media来处理他们的媒体策略和购买需求. The 十大菠菜台子 Media team could not be more excited to be partnering with Rush alongside a group of passionate agency partners to help them achieve the much deserved best-in-class recognition in the marketplace.

American Century Investments


十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2019

When investment management firm American Century Investments was looking for a media agency to handle their business in late 2018, they got an insider tip from an already big fan of 十大菠菜台子 Media’s who also happens to be a current client of ours. American Century was impressed with what they heard about 十大菠菜台子 Media’s work in the investment services category and how well-versed the team here was on their critically important financial advisor target. 当我们在做美国世纪的研究时, we were also quite impressed with what we learned and knew that they were the kind of scrappy and successful challenger brand that we worked particularly well with. We also couldn’t agree more with their Founder Jim Stower’s mantra: "If we make our clients successful, then we, in turn, will be successful."



十大菠菜台子 Media Client since 2019

For more than 130 years, Abbott’s mission has been to make the world a better place by putting science and cutting-edge innovation to work to create technologies and brands that help people live healthier and fuller lives. An important mission of Abbott’s Corporate team is to raise awareness of the company’s incredible life-changing technology story by sharing compelling content that brings the company mission to life while creating excitement and anticipation for what lies just over the horizon. 十大菠菜台子传媒非常高兴能与雅培公司合作, helping them identify the most effective strategies for sharing Abbott’s amazing successes and future endeavors.

Delivering on our promise

当然,十大菠菜台子 Media确实实现了我们的承诺,这必须有实际的证明. 就像我们研究一切,为我们的菠菜台子大全找到最好的媒体平台, 我们也会对自己进行系统的研究.

We recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey with current and past clients as well as our creative agency partners. 结果表明,我们的合作伙伴认为我们提供最好的服务, smart solutions, 并与我们的媒体总监直接联系.

十大菠菜台子 Media有什么独特之处?

"十大菠菜台子 Media is a first rate partner. They are big enough to have all the resources we need and small enough to have their senior level people actually working on our business on a daily basis. 最重要的是,他们带来了智力资本. Very smart people. At all levels. 从战略到执行细节, 我们从不担心他们的努力是否周到."

— Checkers/Rally's

“人们,愿意按照我们的条款与我们合作,在定价上公平,反应迅速. 你的买家代表我们工作,就好像他们是用自己的钱买的一样."

— C.F. Sauer/Duke’s Mayonnaise

“十大菠菜台子是我们所有供应商的黄金标准. 我希望他们能给其他供应商提供如何与我们合作的经验. Their upfront research, responsiveness, thorough follow-up and genuine interest in our business are the opposite of a perfect storm--it's a perfect experience. They are part of our team. 我知道我们的一些要求超出了他们的合同义务,但你永远不会知道. What an amazing team. We feel so lucky!"

— Invesco

“迅速、专业得无法用言语形容,而且极其彻底。. 这样做的一大好处是:没有那些自命不凡的人,只有那些你愿意与之共事的优秀人士."

— Ann & Robert H. 芝加哥卢瑞儿童医院

“菠菜台子大全是一家顶级的机构,为满足菠菜台子大全的需求提供合理的建议. 菠菜台子大全是我信任的公司."

— Northern Trust

"My team are great advocates for our business and they are incredibly efficient in planning and negotiating on our behalf. 作为一个新菠菜台子大全,我立即意识到使用十大菠菜台子的好处."

— Marvin Windows and Doors

"True partners. True value makers. True champions for our cause. 如果你正在寻找一个公司,将帮助你的广告驱动到下一个水平, 那你应该了解芝加哥的菠菜台子大全. They have made a huge difference in helping us achieve our metrics as we drive leads and brand recognition."

— Northern Trust FlexShares

"We work in a niche, 用有限的媒体选择和大量的文化和监管怪癖进行贸易. 和我一起工作的所有服务提供商, 十大菠菜台子理解我们业务和菠菜台子大全的能力一直给我留下深刻印象, 当他们不提问的时候,你可以问他们问题,并得到澄清. It's impressive."

— Northern Trust C&IS

“十大菠菜台子菠菜台子大全团队非常棒. 我欣赏这种有条不紊的工作方式, the quality of the work, proactively sharing trends, 以及十大菠菜台子对跨机构团队的领导."

— Dawn Foods

“十大菠菜台子 Media是一个真正的合作伙伴,他们的心完全放在我们的业务上. 我信任他们,喜欢和他们一起工作,我愿意把他们推荐给任何人!"

— Invesco

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